Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Must See

Nathan Fillion Awesomeness.


Anonymous said...

I have to say this, so take what I say w/ a grain of salt.

I thought the concept of PG Porn was hilarious, and was looking forward to it.

But, dude, seriously, killing a woman to make a punchline is not funny. It's not funny, even in a supposedly comical or accidental setting. I was laughing all along until then.

It's just not funny. It's sad and angry making. I can think of a dozen other ways for it to have been better.

I am looking forward to seeing more PG Porn, b/c I want to see if they can be creative and non offensive. As a "pro porn" feminist (quotes denote my disdain of labels), I would love to see this done, the purposefully bad acting was brilliant. It just feels like they are saying that sex is bad, so we had to cut it, but it's OK to kill teh bitchez to get a laugh. Kind of a funny swap, IMNSFHO.

FTR, this is in no way meant to be an attack on you, Stark, or any one person affiliated w/ this blog. I took the "retaliations" button literally. Just my thoughts and random babble.

Ouyang Dan said...

PS, that was me.